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Carpet Repair in Tamworth - Invisible Repair Costs

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Are your carpets in need of some TLC? Need to spruce up your home by fixing damaged old carpets? Carpet repair in Tamworth offers comprehensive solutions for carpets of all materials, shapes and sizes. Residential or commercial, no carpet repair job is too big or too small for these professionals. Carpet repair doesn't have to cost a fortune either. We can help you find the best carpet repair services at a price to suit your budget.

What is Carpet Repair?

Carpet repair Tamworth refers specifically to the various methods undertaken by professionals to correct faults in carpet laying and to fix problems such as loose threads, burn marks, rips and tears in carpets or rugs. Carpet repair can save you money. Repairs are often more cost effective than shelling out for a complete carpet replacement when only a tiny section of the carpet is damaged.

common types of carpet damage

Common Types of Carpet Damage

Carpets can be damaged in a variety ways. Not all damage can be easily and affordably repaired. The availability of Tamworth carpet repair will depend on the type of carpet and extent of the damage.

  • Tears and rips - damage caused by shoes, children's toys and pets, rips and tears in carpeting can be repaired if the damage is isolated. Depending on how the carpet has been laid, the damaged area can be excised and a matching piece glued in place. Alternatively, torn edges can be removed and carpet stretched to hide the damage.
  • Burn marks - carpet burns caused by anything from dropped cigarettes to soldering irons can be repaired. The burned fibres can either be trimmed down or the burned patch can be excised and replaced with a new piece of matching carpet. This is a relatively easy and inexpensive process.
  • Warped carpets - badly laid carpets or old carpets that have lost their elasticity can warp and bubble. This can be dangerous resulting in tripping and uneven furniture placement. The easiest carpet repair for this problem is carpet re-stretching. Carpet stretching Tamworth should only be done by the professionals.
  • Stains and spills - when stubborn stains and spills just won't come out after thorough professional cleaning, it may be necessary to repair the affected areas. This is usually done by cutting out the damaged portion of carpet and replacing it with a matching piece.
  • Damaged rugs - damaged rugs are usually easier to replace than repair but if that is not an option, rug repair is possible. Inserting a matching patch of rug is usually not possible so rug repair tends to involve removing and reweaving the damaged fibres with new material. This form of Tamworth carpet repair should only be done by professionals.
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seamless carpet repair

Seamless Carpet Repair

When carpets become damaged for any reason, people often wonder if a repair will look just as nice as a completely new carpet in that room. There are several factors that will play into this.

  • The age of the carpet. Carpets that are old and worn may be more difficult to repair. The repaired area will appear fresh and new, while the rest of the carpet may seem worn.
  • Whether repair materials are available. Not all carpets have remnants or stock that a repair company can use. This means your new carpet area may not match the rest of the room.
  • The location of the damaged area. If a repair will occur along a wall in a room where a piece of furniture will likely cover any seams, then the repair will be almost unnoticeable. On the other hand, if the repair is in the very centre of the room in an open space, the repaired area may be quite noticeable.

Your chosen Staffordshire carpet repair company can give you more information about seamless carpet repair and what you can expect based on all these factors.

repairing rips and tears in Tamworth carpets

Repairing Simple Rips and Tears

By far, the most common carpet repairs involve small rips, tears, and burn marks. These can usually be repaired without being too noticeable, though carpet repair teams use some very clever techniques to do it. Most of the time, small holes or burns can be fixed with relatively simple patching techniques. In some cases, the repairer will use a small piece of remnant carpet to complete the repair.

If a remnant is not available directly from the manufacturer, and if you do not have remnants left from the installation of your carpet, another alternative involves taking a small piece of carpet from an inconspicuous area of your home. This can be quite challenging, and in many cases, it’s not the most preferable alternative. However, it is possible to take a small piece of carpet from under a large piece of furniture or an appliance to use as a patch.

Tamworth carpet repair costs

Cost Effective Repair

DIY Tamworth carpet repair is strongly discouraged as repairs gone wrong could end up costing you more in the long with pricey carpet replacements. Improper repair could also lead to loose carpeting presenting the possibility of injury. Carpet repair fees depend on the type of carpet, the extent of the damage and the labour involved in the repairs. Affordable solutions do exist and we can help you find them.

the best Tamworth carpet repair services

Tired of living with tatty carpets, stained and burned? Want to give your home or commercial property a make-over? Professional carpet repair Tamworth provides comprehensive services, taking care of all your repair needs. Take a minute to fill in our online form describing your carpets and we'll handle the rest. We'll find you the best carpet repair services at the lowest prices. Get free, no obligation quotes from our network today and say goodbye to stained and ripped up carpets.

Your Tamworth carpet repair questions answered

What kind of problems can be repaired?

Those that involve minor tears can often be repaired. In some cases, an entire section can also be replaced, provided it is not excessively worn.

Can I patch a hole or tear with a new piece of carpet?

This is not recommended, as the new piece is likely to be very noticeable. If you have a scrap of carpet left over, this should be used to patch your carpet with instead.

How much do carpet repairs cost?

Depending on the difficulty of the repair, it can cost between £100 and £150 to repair a carpet. Stains and simple repairs can be fixed inexpensively, while carpet burns, rippling, or flooding will be more expensive.

Is it difficult to match damaged carpet?

This will depend on how old the carpet is. Older styles of carpet may be harder to match than newer ones, but most companies will also keep a selection of older sections that can be used for repair.

What types of carpet problems are the easiest to repair?

Minor burns such as those caused by a cigarette are relatively easy to repair, because they require patching only a small area of carpet. Small rips and tears may also be repaired rather easily.

What if carpet remnants aren’t available for a very large damaged area?

While most Tamworth carpet repair services keep a large inventory of remnants to match a variety of clients’ homes, the truth is that it is often difficult (or even impossible) to find certain styles of carpet - particularly if they’ve been around for a few decades. In this case, it may be best to consider replacing the carpet in the room with the damaged section. Without a matching remnant, it is nearly impossible to create an aesthetically pleasing repair.

What about DIY solvents for fixing small burns or holes?

Some companies sell products that claim to “fix” very small burn marks or holes in your carpet. These typically consist of some sort of colouring agent, much like a fabric marker, that merely makes the damage look inconspicuous. Some companies sell chemicals that will effectively melt the carpet fibres around the damaged area, which causes them to adhere to one another. While this can also make the damage more inconspicuous, it isn’t a permanent solution – and it may do more harm than good.

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