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Locksmiths Tamworth

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Need to beef up the security of your home or commercial property with a set of new locks? Want to install new doors and windows with high-tech locking mechanisms? Locksmiths Tamworth offer a range of professional services at prices to suit every budget. We'll help you find the best locksmith services at the lowest prices. From accessing private safes to complete commercial building lock installations, no job is too big or small for these professionals.

What is a Locksmith?

A Tamworth locksmith is a tradesman who deals with keys and locking mechanisms. The 'smith' part of the name refers specifically to professionals who work with metal in a forge. Locksmiths typically work with traditional locks, the design of the mechanism as well as the keys and do not always offer services relating to electronic locks and keypads. Locksmiths do specialise in safe design, door and perimeter lock mechanisms or automotive locksmithing.

Basic Locksmith Services

Certified locksmiths Tamworth provide a range of services. These basic services typically include the following:

  • Key replacement after locking yourself out of home or your office
  • Replacing the lock and key after breaking the key in the lock
  • Emergency 24hr call-out services
  • Lock repair and replacement after a break-in
  • Installation of locks on new doors and window
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Additional Locksmith Services

Everyone is sure to lock their keys in their car at some stage. Not sure who to call when you do? Instead of calling the car company for a pricey key replacement, your local Tamworth locksmiths often offer speedy key retrieval services. If you've forgotten the combination to your private safe, that's no problem. Gaining access to a private safe is a service offered by specialist locksmiths for affordable prices.

Tamworth locksmith costs

What Affects Tamworth Locksmith Costs?

The cost of installing and repairing locks is negligible compared to the cost of losing your belongings. There are numerous factors affecting the cost of locksmiths such as:

  1. The size of the building – commercial and industrial properties may prove more expensive
  2. The number of locks required and whether or not these locks are installed on doors or windows
  3. Whether it is a new installation or first requires the removal of unwanted locks – the additional labour involved may affect the price
  4. The type of lock fitted – more sophisticated locks are likely to cost more
  5. The easier the lock repair or installation, the cheaper the job is likely to be
  6. The way in which the lock is fitted, particularly to windows, may also influence the cost

The Dangers of DIY

DIY locksmithing is strongly discouraged. Our network of Tamworth locksmiths are highly trained individuals who know how to properly install the right type of lock for maximum security. A poorly installed lock may provide a false sense of security putting you at even greater risk of criminal activity. Improper lock installation may also result in damage to property particularly to door jambs and window latches. Why DIY when the professionals are standing by ready to fix or locks?

Don't let old locks at home or your place of work put you at risk. Want to improve security by upgrading your locks but afraid of the cost? We can help you find the best Tamworth locksmiths for expedient service that won't cost you a fortune. Take a minute to fill in our online form, providing us with a few details about your lock related problem and we'll take it form there. We shop around for you, saving you time and money. Get free, no obligation quotes today and say goodbye to all your lock related issues.

Your Tamworth locksmith questions answered

What can a locksmith do?

In addition to unlocking doors, he or she can open and repair or rekey locks, or create original keys for a lock that is already installed. They are also frequently called to retrieve keys that are locked inside cars.

What should I look for in a locksmith?

Locksmiths are not required to be licensed by the government, but the Master Locksmith's Association provides a list of skilled and professional locksmiths to choose from. Since anyone can set up a locksmithing business, it's important to look for an MLA approved locksmith. The professionals on the network we access are all pre-screened for your convenience.

Can locksmiths make replacement keys or key fobs for cars?

Most locksmiths will be able to make replacement keys and programme replacement key fobs for even the newest cars. Among their other skills, they are trained to handle the new transponder keys and reprogram the keyless entry fobs.

What does a professional locksmith charge?

That will depend on what services you need. Coming out to let you into your car or into your house when you've locked yourself out can cost over £100. Having to drill and replace a lock can cost nearly £500, depending on the type of lock.

What is the most secure type of lock for my Tamworth home?

You should ideally choose one that has a SS312 Diamond Approved cylinder. One of these locks will provide you with protection against snapping, which is a common form of manipulation.

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