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Marble Worktops Tamworth

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Tired of living with cracked and scuffed worktops? Want to give your bathroom or kitchen a chic make-over? Marble Worktops Tamworth come in a variety of colours and patterns to suit the aesthetics of any home, and can be used in the bathroom, kitchen or workshop. Always dreamed of having marble worktops but concerned about the cost? That's where we can help. We'll find you the best services at the lowest prices.

What is Marble?

Marble is a metamorphic rock consisting of recrystallised carbonate minerals such as calcite and dolomite. Marble worktops are most frequently made out of metamorphosed limestone. The various colours and patterns of marble is the result of additional minerals and other impurities being present in the stone at the time of metamorphosis. Marble typically comes from Pakistan and China, but can also be synthetically produced using cement and resins.

Why Choose Marble?

Aside from the variety of colours and patterns, lending your home original flair, marble has a number of great qualities for any home:

  • Marble is incredibly strong and durable. In fact, Tamworth marble worktops have an estimated lifespan of over one hundred years.
  • Marble is easily polished and retains its lustre.
  • Easily polished, marble worktops are sealed against the potential of staining, making them ideal for the kitchen where spills are unavoidable.
  • Marble is water-resistant, making it an ideal choice for worktops in the bathroom and kitchen or in any area where moisture might damage other worktop materials.
  • Heat has no effect on marble, so you can put a hot pot directly onto the worktop without fear of the marble cracking.
  • Marble is an ecological choice, cable of breathing and creating a micro-climate in any room.
  • Concerned that your worktop might get nicks and cuts? Marble is often used as cutting board material. No kitchen knife can scratch Tamworth marble worktops.
  • If you're hygiene conscious, then marble is a great choice, as it is naturally resistant to bacteria and requires cleaning with only mild detergent.
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Installation Process

Marble worktops should only be installed by certified stone masons. After an initial survey of your kitchen or bathroom, the stone masons will discuss the various marble options to suit your aesthetic requirements. Measurements will be taken and plans confirmed. Stone masons will usually cut and shape the marble off site with only minor adjustments required on site, making installation quicker and easier, with the least amount of disruption to your routine. Marble worktops can be used as soon as they are installed.

What Affects the Cost?

Marble is not the cheapest option, but Tamworth marble worktops are an investment that outlast and outperform just about every other countertop material. Marble requires little to no maintenance and with a lifespan of more than a hundred years, it's unlikely that you'd ever need to replace your worktops. The cost of marble worktops depends on the size of the workspace and the amount of marble required. Some types of marble can also be more expensive than others, so be sure to choose the marble that suits your aesthetics and budget.

Always dreamed of a marble worktop? Need to spruce up your home by giving your bathroom or kitchen a worktop make-over? Afraid marble worktops will end up costing you an arm and a leg? Take a minute to fill in our online form describing your ideal marble worktops and we'll take it from there. We shop around for you, saving you time and money. Get a free, no-obligation quote from us today and those perfect worktops you've always wanted could be yours.

Your Tamworth marble worktop questions answered

Are marble worktops expensive?

While they can be somewhat more expensive than counters made from other materials are, they also tend to last longer, making them a worthwhile investment in the long run.

How do I properly care for my marble worktop after it is installed?

Seal your marble worktop at least annually. Avoid using grainy cleaners, and do not allow acids to come in contact with the counter's surface.

Is marble the best material for a worktop?

Marble worktops are ideal if you work with pastry or other cooking materials that require a cool surface because it does not conduct heat well. Unfortunately, it can also stain very easily and scratches more readily than granite or other worktop materials.

Can I use marble to upgrade or replace an existing worktop?

Of course! Just decide what type of marble you would like to use, and have a contractor remove your existing worktop material and replace it with your new marble slab. It's that simple and can usually be done in a few hours.

Why should I seal my Tamworth marble worktop?

Marble is a very porous material, so anything you spill on your worktop could easily seep into it, causing it to become discolored or permanently stained. Sealer closes these pores to make your worktop more stain resistant.

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