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Metal Windows Tamworth

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If you’re considering new windows for your home or office, metal windows Tamworth make a nice choice. Unlike windows that have wooden frames, these fixtures won’t warp or rot as they are very weather resistant. Since they can easily be painted to match any exterior siding, they are as versatile as wooden windows are as well. These windows are considered a long-term investment that provides benefits for years to come.

Tamworth Metal Window Construction

Metal window frames can be made from steel or aluminium. They can also have single, double, or triple panes of glass in them. These windows come in a variety of standard sizes, but can also be custom-designed to fit oddly-shaped or irregular-sized windows. As a result, it’s not a problem to replace greenhouse or bay windows with new metal ones.

Uses for Metal Windows

Although many people typically think of metal windows as belonging on mobile homes and storage sheds, that’s by no means the case. These windows work well in a number of different structures including:

  • Private residences
  • Character properties
  • Office buildings
  • Hotels
  • Flats and condominiums
  • Garages
  • Retail outlets
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Tamworth metal window costs

Reasons to Choose Metal Windows

Many property owners gravitate toward vinyl or wooden-framed windows when they are planning upgrades or new construction. That may be because these individuals do not take the time to consider all the benefits that are associated with metal windows. A few of the advantages metal windows have over other types of windows include:

  1. Less expansion and contraction whenever the weather changes
  2. Provide a tight fit, thereby preventing moisture buildup
  3. Rustproof
  4. Open easily
  5. Aesthetically-pleasing design
  6. Less expensive

Metal Window Installation

The installation process can be difficult for those who are inexperienced at it. When installing windows in existing structures, the old window must be removed first. This can sometimes involve cutting into the existing siding or structure with a special type of saw. Adjustments may need to be made to the structure if there is not a level platform available to hold the window into place. A team of workers may be needed in order to hold the window steady while it is being attached to the building. There is a danger that mishandling a window could result in injury to a worker or the costly breakage of the fixture in the event it is dropped.

Installing metal windows is especially dangerous when the work is performed at high elevations. This is because the window may need to be hoisted onto a ladder or scaffolding. It can be easy for workers to lose their balance when trying to steady the window or hold it perfectly into position. Professional Tamworth contractors who regularly perform this type of work are familiar with the right safety precautions to take in order to minimize injury to those in the immediate area.

Tamworth Metal Window Costs

When it comes to installing metal windows, Tamworth contractors consider a number of things whenever they are giving estimates. Some of the factors that play a part in the overall cost include:

  • Size of window or windows
  • Size and design of building
  • Whether it is a new construction or remodel
  • Amount of cutting required
  • Whether insulation or siding will also be added

Since many different things play a part in the overall cost, the contractor with the lowest estimate may not always be the best choice. Shoddy workmanship is often very inexpensive initially; however, you could end up spending a great deal more money to have the work performed again. When metal windows are not installed properly, you also cannot enjoy the benefits they offer to the max. Your best option is to consider the contractor who offers you the best services for the amount of money they are charging.

Your Tamworth metal window questions answered

Which is better, metal or wooden windows?

One is not necessarily better than the other, but metal windows are decidedly superior in both ease of installation and in overall aesthetic appearance. Wooden windows are easier to paint, however.

Are metal windows usable in cold climates?

They are usable in the cold and are frequently installed. The only problem that most owners face is that there is no way to mitigate the heat loss from the metal, even in double paned windows.

Can I install metal windows myself?

Theoretically, yes, but in general most window installation should be left in the capable hands of an experience glazier. Window and glass installation can be dangerous or fatal if handled incorrectly.

How much does it cost to install metal windows?

Most metal window frames will cost between £200 and £400. This price does not include VATs, labour, or installation costs. Most companies that install metal windows will include the cost of the frame in their estimates.

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