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mole control Tamworth

Mole Control Tamworth

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Moles live underground and can inhabit all sorts of areas where they interfere with humans, including golf courses, churchyards, sports fields, equestrian centres, playgrounds, courtyards, gardens, parks and picnic areas. The mole control Tamworth experts in our network are able to trap and remove moles from these areas and more. Many do-it-yourself methods are on the market, but the only effective way to permanently get rid of moles is removal.

The Tamworth mole control services in our network are pre-screened for reliability and quality of work. They can use humane methods of trapping and removing moles from an area, and they are able to provide verifiable references upon request. A family of moles can wreak havoc on a residential garden by digging numerous trenches and destroying most of the flowers or vegetables you may have worked hard to plant and nurture. They can create hazards on a sporting field by making many holes that can cause injuries to athletes. This is why it is important to contact one of the mole control companies in our database at the first sign of trenches and holes in an outdoor area.

Tamworth mole control costs

Tamworth Mole Control Costs

Prices can differ according to the number of moles that have invaded a property and the size of the property. The number of visits and treatments that are needed to eliminate the moles is another cost factor along with the steps that are necessary to keep other moles from infesting the area. The mole control Tamworth experts in our network are skilled professionals who can help get your property back in good condition.

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Your Tamworth mole control questions answered

What are my options?

There are commercial repellents one can purchase for mole control, but most professionals believe these items are a waste of time. Mole traps are available as well, although most of these will kill the animals. Those who are opposed to this idea should seek out professionals who have a no-kill policy.

Are moles really troublesome?

They certainly can be. They dig tunnels underground in your garden and even under your home and can cause the ground to collapse. The longer a mole is allowed to live on the property, the larger the tunnel systems can become.

Can I get rid of moles on my own?

Yes. The most humane way to remove moles is to trap them, but this isn't always effective. Mole traps can be placed in their burrows to catch and kill the moles. Do not use poison on moles because they are frequently eaten by cats and owls, which could be harmed by the poison.

How much do exterminators charge for mole control?

A professional exterminator will generally charge from £25 and up depending on the number of mole hills that are found on the property. Most will opt for the use of mole traps over the use of more humane catch and release traps.

How can I tell if I have a problem with moles?

Moles create mounds of dirt that somewhat resemble a volcano, they also form tunnels close to the earth’s surface, which are easily visible as channels across your Tamworth garden.

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