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oil central heating Tamworth

Oil Central Heating Tamworth

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When it comes to oil central heating Tamworth, consumers will find the efficiency of these furnaces has increased dramatically over the past few years. That fact coupled with the intense warmth that oil heat brings makes it a good choice for commercial and residential buildings alike.

Where Does Heating Oil Come From?

One of the biggest questions people have when it comes to oil central heating Tamworth is where this fuel comes from. Heating oil is derived from crude oil that is mined from beneath the earth’s surface. Much of the oil produced comes from the United States, Canada and Saudi Arabia. Contrary to popular belief, oil is not in short supply. There is more oil placed in reserves than ever before, and new sources of this fuel are constantly being discovered.

Are Fuel Oil Tanks Safe?

Another common question that arises is whether or not fuel oil tanks are safe. These tanks are solidly constructed in order to ensure they do not leak once they are filled. Tanks are also inspected periodically to ensure they are not leaking so repairs can be made if necessary. Oil storage tanks are equipped with certain safety features, one of which is a whistle that sounds if the unit is being overfilled. Drivers who fill and transport storage tanks receive special training in handling hazardous materials and must normally carry this endorsement on their operator’s license as well.

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Tamworth oil central heating costs

Benefits of Tamworth Oil Central Heating

  • Oil furnaces are some of the most efficient heaters on the market, with many averaging 92% to 97% efficiency ratings.
  • Homes that are heated with oil can be warmed quicker than with gas or electric heat
  • Parts are readily available for oil furnaces in the event they need repairs
  • Oil does not produce any offense odors
  • It is a relatively clean burning fuel that emits few carbons into the atmosphere


While there are a number of advantages, there are also some disadvantages to consider. The biggest disadvantage is the fact that the price of heating oil often fluctuates a great deal from one season to the next. This can make it difficult for consumers to budget their heating costs. A storage tank must be maintained on site in order for there to be an adequate supply of oil for heating, and the amount of fuel in this tank must be carefully monitored so that homeowners will not run out of oil when they need it most.

Repairing Oil Central Heating Tamworth

Certain repairs will likely be needed after a few years. Some of the most common repairs involve fixing problems with the electrical circuits or motherboard. Blower motors can sometimes become clogged and may not push air out effectively. Cleaning and lubricating the fans on these motors normally helps with that. Burners can become corroded and require replacement. Oil pumps sometimes go bad, and when this happens, fuel cannot get into the system. As a result, it might be necessary to replace them.

Tamworth Oil Central Heating Costs?

The size of the home can affect the size of the equipment that needs to be installed. Bigger equipment means a higher bottom line in most instances. Oil central heating Tamworth installation can also cost more if existing ductwork needs repair or if electrical wiring is in poor condition. The efficiency rating of the furnace also plays a role, as units that are more efficient tend to cost more. Even so, homeowners could notice more energy savings when they buy furnaces that are more efficient. Repair costs vary based upon the nature of the repair, availability of parts, and when service is required. Technicians normally charge more for service calls made at night or on the weekend.

Your Tamworth oil central heating questions answered

What are the benefits of oil central heating?

There are many benefits to oil central heating, including efficiency (85% to 95% efficiency) and safety. Customers don't have to deal with soot, dirt or odours the way they did decades ago, because oil central heating is much cleaner now.

Where can oil central heating be installed?

Generally, oil central heating is installed in residential areas, but can also be used for commercial or industrial spaces as well. Any place that requires clean, safe and efficient heat is a good candidate for oil central heating.

How efficient is oil central heating?

Oil powered central heating systems can be extremely efficient. Oil, as a fuel, provides a high return on every unit of fuel burned, and many can achieve efficiency ratings of higher than 90%.

How much do oil central heating units cost?

As with most boilers and heating systems, an oil fired central heating unit will cost approximately £500 - 2, 500, with added costs attached for additional parts, and labour.

How can I ensure my Tamworth oil central heating system is safe to use?

By having an inspection performed by a licensed engineer. Once your system has been deemed safe to use, you should have it serviced on a regular basis to ensure it continues to operate properly.

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