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wallpaper Tamworth

Wallpaper Tamworth

Get professional Tamworth wallpapering for less

Using wallpaper is a wonderful way to dress up the walls in your home or change your overall decor. Whether you need paper only or require professional hanging services too, wallpaper Tamworth can supply many paper options at a reasonable price for both residential and commercial buildings. Get the best quotes available for top quality Tamworth wallpapering services free of charge and with no obligation.

Large Selections

Wallpaper designs are virtually limitless. Wallpaper can provide designs that are suitable for anything from majestic castles to cosy cottages and from elegant opera houses to professional office buildings. Interior designers may offer advice on wallpaper selection and help you choose the right colours, patterns and textures for your home, office or retail space. Our specialists provide a full service from wall evaluation to wallpaper selection to proper wall preparation and finally, to a high quality finished product that meets your specifications.

Types of Paper

A wide variety of Tamworth wallpaper is available including exclusive hand printed paper requiring great skill to design, to print and to hang. Screen printed paper features very detailed designs while flocking gives the appearance of cut velvet and fabric wallpaper offers a sense of elegance. There are also many choices and combinations of custom made stripes. Of course surface printing, in which ink is applied with a roller, is the most common type of wallpaper and many options are available at reasonable prices.

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Reputable Wallpaper Hangers

Our Tamworth wallpapering services are performed by skilled professionals you can trust in your home or business. We are pleased to provide references and examples of our work, and we are able to offer wallpaper and installation services that stay within your budget. They can provide proof of insurance, certifications and all required licensing. We stand by our products and our services, and are determined to leave our clients happy and satisfied with their newly papered walls.

Proper Hanging Techniques

No matter how beautiful the wallpaper, it must be properly installed to achieve the desired effect. Before papering, our professionals remove old paper and inspect the wall for holes and other blemishes that must be filled in and smoothed over. We may prime the wall or apply a wallpaper lining to insure a smooth surface to which the new paper will easily adhere and seams will press together well. Planning the placement of seams is important as is making sure there are no bubbles in the paper, and cleanly trimmed edges with wrinkle-free corners are a must for an immaculate wall.

Eco-Friendly Supplies

We can also often offer products that meet green standards. Our network can often find organic pigment inks that are free of dangerous chemicals and toxins. Our products are non-carcinogenic and contain no heavy metals. We avoid the use of glues and adhesives that contain chemicals that emit hazardous VOCs (volatile organic compounds) which in time, may break down and threaten the health of residents of a home or employees and customers at a place of business. Customers who are committed to using only eco-friendly products may choose from our wallpaper selections made from recycled paper, sisal, bamboo, dried grasses, cloth or cork.

Sustainable Materials

The materials used during Tamworth wallpapering often comes from sustainable forests in which cut trees are immediately replaced with seedlings so that the forest is constantly being renewed. Great care is taken to preserve the environment and the wildlife of the forest. Forest preservation vital to the health of our planet and do all every effort is made to care for the earth while still providing quality wallpaper with beautiful designs for our valued customers. Our commitment to sustainability can also extend to using minimal packaging and avoiding plastics and tapes wherever possible.

Your Tamworth wallpapering questions answered

What type of wall preparation must be done before hanging wallpaper?

Repairing cracks or holes to ensure an even hanging surface is crucial in order for your wallpaper to look as good as possible.

How do I clean wallpaper?

Normally, most wallpapers can be cleaned by simply washing the surface down with a warm soapy water from time to time in order to remove dirt and grime.

Are there any benefits of hiring a professional wallpaper installer?

The primary benefit of hiring a professional to install your wallpaper is that you will have a beautiful finished product with no bubbles or wrinkles, without the headache and hassle of having to do it yourself.

Can I hang wallpaper myself?

Yes. Hanging wallpaper is not a difficult job, though it can be time consuming and a bit messy. It takes a bit of finesse to hang wallpaper without creating bubbles or wrinkles in the paper.

Is it necessary to completely remove all my old Tamworth wallpaper before adding new?

Yes, as completely removing old coverings and then re-priming your walls is necessary to ensure your new wallpaper adheres properly to your wall. It will also provide you with a smoother appearance.

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