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wet room installation Tamworth

Wet Room Installation Tamworth

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If you like the luxury look, or if someone in your family has limited mobility you may want to consider Tamworth wet room installation. Contractors can use existing space in your bathroom to create a wet room without the need to add an addition on. Since they are waterproof areas, you won't have to worry about moisture damage from the shower fixture ruining your walls or floors.

Wet rooms are essentially oversized enclosures that can also contain a toilet, sink or even bathtub. Rather than having a standalone shower enclosure, there is a drain in the floor for water to escape through. This eliminates the need for a raised area for people to step over in order to enter the shower. As a result, it can provide better access for people who rely on mobility devices, especially since there also tends to be more clearance around fixtures.

Tamworth wet room installation costs

Tamworth Wet Room Costs

Typical Tamworth wet room installation prices depend a great deal on how elaborate this space is. The room can be enclosed with ceramic, marble or slate tile, so the materials that are chosen to encase it will affect the price of a wet room. Concrete floors can be more difficult to place drains in, thereby raising the cost of the project. The type of fixtures placed in the room, condition and location of existing plumbing lines, and local building regulations will all affect the bottom line on an estimate as well.

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Your Tamworth wet room installation questions answered

Why use a wet room over a traditional bathroom?

Wet rooms are popular among people who have smaller bathrooms, and are ideal for individuals who would otherwise have difficulty stepping into a shower tub.

What happens to the water in a wet room?

Since they don't have traditional tubs, wet rooms need to have professionally-installed systems that waterproof the room and drain water through the floor.

Is it a problem that other fixtures in a wet room are sprayed by the shower?

No, because wet room fixtures are made from waterproof materials so they will not become damaged by shower spray.

Is it difficult to clean a wet room?

No, simply spray fixtures with a mixture of vinegar and water and then wipe them down with a lint-free towel.

What are some essential components of Tamworth wet rooms?

You will need a fast flow drain that will quickly remove water from your floors, in addition to tile that is completely level from one end of the room to the next.

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